Books by: Linda Hacon Winwood

Colored Eggs for Jesse

Mommy, Why Don't We Celebrate Halloween?

Mommy, Will I See Grandma in Heaven?

Mommy Series


Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."



Linda Winwood

"Linda has spent over two decades sharing her story. Below are a list of places where Linda has had speaking engagements."



Cyprus Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care @ Sun City Center Flordia April 2020 Easter
South-shore Christian Women's Connection @ Sun City Center Florida March 2020 Motivational
Kaimos Int'l Church @ Plant City Florida 2019 Easter
Chapel @ Fishhawk, Lithia Florida 2019 Easter
Agape Moms Chaple @ Fishawk, Lithia Florida 2018 Easter
MOPS @ FFC, Lithia Florida March 2018 Easter
Ladies Coffee @ FFC, Lithia Florida March 2018 Motivational
Galilee Baptist Church, Springs NC 2017 Easter
Phillipian Church, Faetteville NC May 2017 Motivational
Logos Christian Fellowship, Latrobe PA 2017 Easter
Mops Presp Church. Fayette NC April 2017 Motivational
Mops Snyder Bapt. Ch. Fayette NC March 2016 Motivational
Word of Life Church, Greensburg, PA October 95, March 99, April, 03, October 03 Halloween/Easter
Community United Presbyterian Church, New Alexandria, PA December 96 Motivational
St. Stanislaus Church, Calumet, PA March 99 Easter
Sunny Lane Baptist Church, Midwest City, Ok April 99 Motivational/Easter
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Greensburg, PA April 2000 Easter
St Bartholomew Catholic Church Crabtree, PA March 01 Easter
St. Bruno's Catholic Church, Greensburg, PA March 01 Easter
St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, Greensburg, PA March 01 Easter
St. Cecelia's Catholic Church, Whitney PA March 01 Easter
Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church, Murrysville, PA March 01 Easter
St. Paul's Catholic Church, Greensburg, PA March 01 Easter
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Youngstown, PA April 01, March 02 Easter
New Life Presbyterian Church, Harrison City, PA April 01 Easter
Trinity Church "Kids Day Out", Latrobe, PA April 01 Easter
St. Barbara's Catholic Church, Harrison City, PA April 01 Easter
Ascension Catholic Church, Jeannette PA March 02 Easter
Blairsville Lutheran Church, Blairsville PA March 02 Easter
The Church of Sutersville, Sutersville, PA March 02 Easter
Calvary Church of Murrysville, Murrysville, PA March 03 Easter
East Suburban Church of God, Irwin, PA March 03, Oct. 03 Easter/Halloween
St. John's Catholic Church, Delmont, PA March 03 Easter
Sonrise Church, Greensburg, PA April 03 Easter
World Christian Outreach Ministries, Connelsville, PA April 03, March 04 Easter
Norwin Alliance Church, North Huntington, PA April 03, April 06 Easter
Faith United Methodist Church, Delmont, PA April 03 Easter
Covenant Church East, Greensburg, PA April 03 Easter
Christ Episcopal Church, Greensburg, PA April 03 Easter
Christian Life Church, Trafford, PA April 03 Easter
Trinity United Methodist Church, Greensburg, PA April 03, May 04 Easter/Motivational
Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Pittsburgh, PA March 06 Easter
Brush Creek Church, Irwin, PA March 04 Easter
Irwin Presbyterian Church, Irwin, PA March 04, 06 Easter
Lutheran Church, North Huntington, PA March 04 Easter
Monroeville United Methodist Church, Monroeville, PA March 04 Easter
Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, Wilkensburg, PA April 04, 08 Easter
Community United Methodist Church, Harrison City, PA April 04, 05, 06 Easter
Park Baptist Church, McKeesport, PA April 04 Easter
Congruity Church, New Alexandria, PA November 04 Motivational
Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA February 05 Easter
Grace Fellowship Church, Harrison City, PA March 05 Easter
Monroeville Assembly of God, Monroeville, PA March 05 Easter
Level Green Presbyterian Church, Level Green, PA March 05 Easter
Barren Run United Methodist Church, Smithton, PA March 05 Easter
South Hills Bible Chapel, McMurray, PA March 05, April 06 Easter
Union Presbyterian Church, Murrysville, PA April 06 Easter
Trinity Lutheran Church, Latrobe, PA April 05 Easter
Greater Works Outreach, Monroeville, PA March 05 Easter
Christian Fellowship Center of Greensburg, Jeannette, PA March 03, 05, 07, 08 Easter
Heaven Heights United Methodist, Mt Washington, PA May 05 Easter
Latrobe United Methodist Church, Latrobe, PA March 06, 07 Easter
First United Methodist Church, Greensburg, PA April 06 Easter
Hill Top United Methodist Church, Madison, PA April 06 Easter
United Methodist Church, South Greensburg, PA April 06 Easter
United Methodist Church of Manor, Manor, PA September 06 Motivational
Newenburg, Presbyterian Church, Murrysville, PA March 07 Easter
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Johnstown, PA April 07 Easter
Harold Zion Lutheran Church, Greensburg, PA April 07 Easter
Berean Baptist Church, Fayetteville, NC October 07 Motivational
Saint Angela, CCD, White Oak, PA March 08 Easter
Zion Hill Baptist Church, Jeannette PA March 08 Easter
Saint Mary's Catholic Church CCD, Sewickley, PA February 09 Easter
1st United Methodist Church of Jeannette, PA March 09 Easter
Berkeley Hell Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, PA April 09 Easter
Berean Baptist Church, Fayetteville, NC April 09 Easter
Bethany Baptist, New Broughton, AL October 10 Easter
Victoria Baptist, New Brighton, AL November 10 Easter
"Wives of Warriors", Berean Baptist Church, Fayetteville, NC July 2012 Motivational
Light House Baptist Church, Fayetteville, NC  March 3, 2013 Easter
VA Hospital, Aspenwall, PA March 06 Easter
VA Hospital, Highland Park, PA March 06 Easter
Forbes Regional Hospital, Monroeville, PA March 06 Easter
VA Hospital, Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Fishhawk Creek Elementary November 2019 Motivational
St. Stephens Catholic School 2019 Easter
Bell Shoals Baptist Academy March 2019 Easter
Sessums Elem. School HCPS- The Great American Teach In 2018 Motivational
Hay Mount Methodist Preschool, Fayetteville NC 2017 Easter
Beream Baptist Academy 2016 + 2017 Motivational, Easter
Liberty Academy 2015 Motivational
Freedom Academy 2014 + 2015 Motivational
Snyder Baptist Preschool, Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Hope Mills Preschool, Hope Mills NC 2014 Easter
Temple Christian Academy, Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Central Westmoreland Christian, Greensburg, PA October 93, March 08 Motivational, Easter, Halloween
Christian Fellowship Academy, Jeannette, PA October 94, March 04 Easter/Halloween
Jeannette Elementary School, Jeannette, PA April 95, April 08 Motivational
New Life Academy, Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan September 95 Motivational/Halloween
Dept. of Defense Public Schools, Okinawa, Japan October 95 Motivational
Okinawa Christian School, Japan October 95 Motivational/Halloween
Armburst Wesleyan Christian Academy, Armburst, Pa October 95, March 04 Motivational, Halloween/Easter
St. Aquinas Academy, Greensburg, PA Oct. 95, April 01, March 02, 06 Motivational, Halloween/Easter
Maxwell Elementary, Greensburg, PA November 95 Motivational
Amos K. Hutchinson, Greensburg, PA November 95 Motivational
West Hempfield Elementary, Irwin PA March 96 Motivational
Pivik Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PA October 96 Motivational
Pittsburgh East Christian, Pittsburgh, PA January 97 Motivational
Westinghouse Elementary,Wilmerding, PA February 97 Motivational
Queen of Angels, N. Huntingdon, PA March 97 Motivational
Beaver Valley Christian School, Rochester, PA April 97 Motivational
Central Christian Academy, Apollo, PA April 97 Motivational
Orchard Hill Christian Academy, Apollo, PA April 97, October 02 Motivational
Portersville Christian Academy, Portersville, PA May 97 Motivational
Holy Cross Catholic School, Youngwood, PA May 97, Feb 04 Motivational/Easter
Champion Christian School, Champion, PA Oct. 97, May 00, 01 Motivational, Halloween/Easter
Martins Ferry Christian School, Martins Ferry, OH October 97 Motivational, Halloween
Hill Top Public Elementary, Dillon vale, OH October 97 Motivational
Central Oak Elementary, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma January 98 Motivational
Mid Dale Christian School, Dale City, Oklahoma January 98 Motivational
Christian Heritage Academy, Dale City, Oklahoma January 98 Motivational
St. Florens Catholic School, United, PA February 99 Motivational
Derry Christian Academy, Derry, PA March 99 Easter
Cleveland Baily Elementary, Oklahoma City, OK April 99 Motivational
Tinker Elementary, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma April 99 Motivational
Ridge Crest Elementary, Midwest City, OK May 99 Motivational
Prince of Peace Catholic, Pittsburgh, PA March 00 Motivational/Easter
Full Gospel Pre-School, Greensburg, PA April 00 Easter
Walnut Grove Christian School, West Mifflin, PA April 00 Motivational/Easter
Calvery Assembly Christian School, Irwin, PA April 00 Motivational
Sacred Heart Catholic, Youngstown, PA April 00 Motivational/Easter
St. James Catholic School, Apollo, PA April 00 Motivational/Easter
St. Mary Margaret Catholic, Lower Burrell, PA September 00 Motivational
William Penn Daycare/Pre-School, Jeannette, PA April 03 Motivational
Evangel Heights Christian Academy, Sarver, PA January 97, April 03 Motivational/Easter
Calvary Pre-School, Murrysville, PA April 03 Easter
St. Mary Nativity School, Uniontown, PA March 04 Easter
St. Edward School, Hermine April 04 Easter
Adley Stevenson Elementary, Plum, PA May 04 Motivational
St. Gertrude Catholic School, Vandergrift, PA March 05 Easter
Mary Queen of Apostles, New Kensington, PA March 05 Easter
Greater Works Christian School, Monroeville, PA March 05 Easter
Holy Trinity Catholic, Ligonier, PA March 05, March 07 Motivational
Uniontown Home School, Uniontown, PA February 06 Motivational
Alliance Church Child Care, McKeesport, PA April 06 Easter
First Baptist Christian, Sierra, Arizona November 06 Motivational
General Myer Elementary, Fort Huachuca, Arizona November 06 Motivational
St. Bernard Catholic, Indiana, PA April 07 Easter
St. Angela Catholic, White Oak, PA January 08, February 08 Motivational/Easter
St. Agnes Catholic, West Mifflin, PA February 08 Easter
St. Mary of Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, PA February 08 Easter
St. Sylvester Catholic School, Pittsburgh, PA April 09 Easter
Enterprise Community College, Enterprise, AL November 10 Motivational
Emanuel Christian School, Dothen, Alabama October 10 Easter
Rockfish Christian Academy, Grade 1 March 2013 Easter
Berean Christian Academy High School Class March 2013 Easter
Village Baptist Academy, First Grades March 2013 Easter
Village Baptist Academy Chapel Service, April 2013 Motivational
Liberty Christian Academy Chapel March 2013 Easter
Senior Centers
The Crossing @ Riverview March 2019 Easter
Twin Creek Assisted Living April 2019 Easter
Saint Joseph of the pines, Senior Center- Fayetteville NC 2017 Easter
Hope Mills Senior's Center March 2015 Easter
Heritage Senior Center, Fayetteville NC 2015 Easter
Carolina Rehab, Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Whispering Pines, Senior Center- Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Highland House Rehab, Fayetteville NC 2014 Easter
Golden Years Rehab, Falcon NC 2014 Easter
New Haven Senior Care, Greensburg, PA March 99. April 2000 Easter
William Penn Personal Care, Penn Township, PA March 99, April 2000 and 2003 Easter
Redstone Highlands, Greensburg, PA March 99, April 06 Easter
Golden Heights Personal Care Home, Harrison City, PA March 99, 02 and 08 Easter
Weatherwood Senior Community, Greensburg, PA March 99, April 200 Easter
Green Meadow Retirement Community, Latrobe, PA March 2000 Easter
Stone Brook Manor, Manor, PA April 2000 Easter
Huntington Ridge Retirement Center, N. Huntington, PA April 2000 Easter
St. Ann's Home, Greensburg, PA April 2000 Easter
Westmoreland Manor, Greensburg, PA April 2000, March 06 Easter
St. Paul's Goldenaires, Greensburg, PA Sept. 2000, April 2001 Motivational/Easter
Jeannette Manor, Jeannette, PA March 2002 Easter
Baldock Personal Care Home, N. Huntington, PA March 2003 Easter
Briarcliff Personal Care Home, N. Huntington, PA April 2003 Easter
Armburst Westley Senior Group, Armbrust, PA March 2004 Easter
Hempfield Manor, Greensburg, PA April 2003 Easter
Harrison City Seniors, Harrison City, PA March 2004 Easter
First Methodist Seniors of Irwin, Irwin PA March 2005 Easter
Holy Trinity Lutheran Senior Center, Jeannette, PA March 2005 Easter
Sister of Saint Joseph, Alliquipa, PA March 2006 Easter
Carlow College Mother House, Pittsburgh, PA April 2006 Easter
Fair Oaks Retirement Community, Dormont, PA April 2006 Easter
Sisters of Charity, Seton Hill, Greensburg, PA April 2006 Easter
First Presbyterian Church, Seniors, Youngwood, PA February 2006 Easter
Latrobe Senior Center, Latrobe, PA April 2007, 2011 Easter
Saint Edwards Seniors, Hermine, PA May 2007 Motivational
Harrison City AARP, Harrison City, PA February 2008 Easter
Trinity Lutheran Seniors, Latrobe, PA March 2008 Easter
Level Green Seniors, Level Green, PA March 2008 Easter
Latrobe AARP, Latrobe, PA March 2008 Easter
Wynnwood Nursing Home, Enterprise, AL November 2010 Easter
Special Events
Jerusalem Country of Israel 2019 Easter
Women and Children @ Cuba April 2018 Easter
American Family Radio (Today's Issues) w/ Tim Wildman 2016 Halloween
WIDU- Fayetteville NC Radio Interview 2016 Halloween
Christian Writers Conference, Fayetteville NC 2014 Motivational
Murrysville Woman's Aglow, Murrysville, PA October 93 Motivational/Halloween
St. Florian's PTG, United, PA March 99 Motivational
MOPS Group, Penn Hills, PA May 99 Motivational
Orchard Hills Woman's Conference, Apollo, PA May 99 Motivational
Salvation Army Woman's Bible Study, Latrobe, PA March 2000 Motivational
Holiday Acres Woman's Group, Latrobe, PA April 2000 Motivational
Hempfield Church of God Women's Fellowship, Gbg., PA June 2000 Motivational
Sacred Heart PTA, Youngstown, PA September 2000 Motivational
MOPS Group, South Greensburg, PA November 2000 Motivational
Bovard Ladies Bible Study April 01 Motivational
Greenawalt Egg Farm, West Newton, PA March 02 Easter
Natrona Heights MOPS Group, Natrona Heights, PA March 03 Easter/Motivational
3rd United Ch. of Christ, Mother/Daughter Tea, Gbg. PA May 03 Motivational
Christian Fellowship Center Women's Retreat, Jnt, PA October 03 Motivational
Calvery Assembly Halloween Alt. Night, Irwin, PA October 03 Motivational/Halloween
Safe House, Jeannette, PA, Teen Group March 04 Easter
Mt. Pleasant Women's Club, Mt. Pleasant, PA April 04 Easter
Seneca Valley School District Library Conf. Harmony, PA October 04 Motivational
St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA May 05,06,07 Motivational
AARP #3221 North Huntingdon, PA June 05, March 06 Motivational
Ladies Lion Club, Claridge, PA October 05 Motivational
Christ UMC Seniors, Youngwood, PA March 06 Easter
Red Hat Ladies Society, Irwin Chapter, Irwin, PA April 06 Easter
St. Johns UCC Church Ladies, North Huntingdon, PA April 06 Easter
First Baptist Church, Young at Heart, Greensburg, PA April 06 Easter
Un. Meth. Ch. Mother/Daughter Tea, Youngwood, PA April 06 Easter
Lutheran Church of Our Savior, N. Huntingdon, PA April 06 Motivational
Hempfield Garden Club, Youngwood, PA Feb 07 Easter
St. Patrick Catholic Daughters, McKeesport, PA March 07 Easter
YMCA Greensburg Youth Center, Greensburg, PA March 07 Easter
Kid's Closet, North Apollo Church of God, Apollo, PA March 08 Easter
Light of Life Kid's Program, Latrobe, PA March 08 Easter
Bethany United. Church Kid's Program, Latrobe, PA March 09 Easter
St. Vincent Church, Rosary Altar Society, Latrobe, PA March 09 Easter
MOPS' Enterprise, Alabama October 10 Motivational
New Broughton 4-H, New Broughton, Alabama October 10 Motivational
MOPS Village Baptist Church , Fayetteville NC  March 2013 Easter
Trinity Christian book Store - Book signing and demonstration March 2013 Easter
East Coast Christian Writers and Publishers Conference May 2013 Guest Speaker
Temple Baptist Church, New Beginnings, Sr. Group, August 2013 Motivational